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... Is The Bible God's Inspired Word? ...

The Holy Bible is the Word of God. All of it. Though the "red letter" text emphasizes the words of Jesus Christ, which is a worthwhile study in itself, I must repeat that all of the Bible is the Word of God. All of it from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 is "God-breathed" (2 Timothy 3:16), inspired to be preserved by God through his messengers that recorded it.

The purpose of the messages within the Holy Bible is the ministry of getting people "saved," and teaching people how to live in a manner pleasing to God. This salvation message is called "The Gospel." The Gospel is the "good news" that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, died for our sins, that he rose from the grave proving that He is God, and that we may gain eternal life by believing in Him, repenting of our sins, and becoming His Disciple.

Becoming a true Disciple of Jesus Christ results in a change of lifestyle. One is compelled to witness to others in one way or another as the Holy Spirit leads. This usually begins with a public confession of faith by Baptism. It continues through Biblical Education which helps bring a Disciple's manner of living into greater and greater conformity with Christian Doctrine and principles. One develops a prayer life, of talking to God and watching for His leading in life events. One starts learning what is in the Bible!

It is my experience that people who reject the Gospel do so for only a few reasons upon analysis. First, they may have something in their life that they believe is not compatible with being a Christian that they are not willing to give up, so they make the choice to retain that something and put off Jesus Christ. Second, they may be angry at God for some injustice, perhaps blaming God for the death of a loved one, or not understanding why many people suffer or are born special, things along that line of reasoning, thus improperly blaming God rather than Satan for evil. Third, many people are raised within very different belief structures, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and taught to pursue a radically different lifestyle that includes little contact with Christianity. I have heard it said that only about five percent of people ever change from the religion they are born into, to another religion. Short of a true Christ-centered revival, many people are born with, and die with, a death sentence on their heads. Sadly, as time goes by, people who choose to reject Jesus Christ invariably construct a warped alternate belief system to supposedly justify their decision.

Pursuing truth is indeed a challenge in today's corrupted world. Muslim children are indoctrinated from early childhood to hate others, and to cherish violently killing their enemies. American children are now often being taught godless Marxism, and brainwashed with sensationalized filth such as sexual perversions, in the public educational system. This evil secular world is against Jesus Christ and Bible-based wisdom. Much of the curriculum is pseudo-science, nothing but imagined false theories. Such secularly trained people are angry, self-centered, and on the path to what Christians refer to as the "second death." In plain terms, those who reject the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, wherein Jesus paid the sin price for His Disciples, will have to pay for their sins themselves. Pursuing truth means pursuing Jesus Christ, accepting His offer of forgiveness, and becoming His servant Disciple, wherein eternal life is to be found.

A common illustration is that in life one chooses the blue pill or the red pill, or chooses the dark side or the right side. It is important what you choose. The public media is largely against Jesus and in favor of the concept of a New World Order one-world government and religion. But that is choosing Satan and Satan's goals. Satan wants you to use an inferior Bible. So, don't.

False preaching fills the airwaves and even demon-possession is falsely passing itself off as Christianity. Beware! Choose Jesus and live or choose Satan and die. That, plainly, is the choice that every person must make. As a senior citizen recognizing that my death is steadily approaching, my awareness of these things seems much more acute than it did when I was still in my twenties and could not imagine being a cancer survivor in my late sixties. Young people, listen up! I must warn you, time stops for no one and life is short, not to mention that sometimes life is cut shorter by accident or disease. You must make the right choices. And the sooner the better. Don't let the time run out. Your eternal life "on the other side" depends on your choices now.

Maybe you find yourself in a position where you seem to be unable to resist some temptation. Let me personally assure you that Jesus can save you here and now from such things. Study, learn, repent and pray! Get to where you simply can't stand that tempatation in your life anymore! Be done with it. Put it in the lap of the Holy Spirit to be erradicated, and walk away from it under the Lordship of His mighty power. Mental healing is just as possible as physical healing, from God. I have been healed twice, first from smoking which was both a mental and physical addiction, and second from a mental preoccupation with pornography. Such addictions destroy lives, can lead to other nasty things, additional perversions, and always result in leaving trails of destruction and ruined relationships behind in one's life. Again: You must make the right choices. And the sooner the better. Start now! Don't let the time run out. Your eternal life "on the other side" depends on your choices now. Choose Jesus!

Don't let anything stop you from pursueing Jesus Christ. If you are alive, you still can. I'm a "preacher's kid" and being raised in the Church didn't make me less susceptible to sin than everyone else. No matter how you were raised, no matter where your head is at today, no matter what you have done in the past, Jesus is the remedy and the answer! No matter your circumstances, true and everlasting joy that transcends all heartache and tribulation in our lives is only avaiable by "taking up your cross" and becoming a true Disciple of Jesus Christ.

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... The Klopsch "Red Letter" Bible ...

The Louis Klopsch 1899 & 1901 Bible Editions

1st Edition 1899 Klopsch Red Letter New Testament
The History Of The First Red Letter Bible

The Klopsch "Red Letter" New Testament was published in 1899. In 1901 the Klopsch Old and New Testament Bible was published. This was the first English language Bible to be published with the words of Jesus printed in red ink. These Klopsch Bible scans are derived from two copies purchased over the internet. One was owned by George Robert Eads and his wife Wanda Lynn (Jones) Eads. The other was owned by Park P. Stethem and his wife Mabel Louise (Barr) Stethem. I found the YouTube review of the 1st New Testament edition very interesting.

This website reproduces the 1901 Klopsch Bible, and as time goes by I will be adding other Bible resources, many of an interesting antique nature. This is a window into the world of our ancestors who often had large "Pictorial" Bibles that were crammed full of additional resources. This was when books began making their way into homes through the colportage distributions. That was a time before radio and television, when books were the main way of getting information before the internet. The Klopsch Bible scans are all here. Check back now and then to view added materials!

Biography: Life-Work of Louis Klopsch by Charles M. Pepper

Daily Light on the Daily Path by Louis Klopsch

The Holy Bible is the Word of God, "God-breathed" through the inspired pens of men for our benefit. Everyone should take time to study it's wonderful truths and wisdom. There is much to be learned. These scans are large, and you can enlarge the page display even more by clicking on the scan. My personal study setup preference is two monitors, using televisions, with one turned to portrait mode for viewing "book pages," and the other in standard horizontal mode for related internet research. These scans might also be projected.

Here are four informative video's that give you the basic facts about the Holy Bible, how it came together, its reliability, its organization and its many available varieties:

This is Christianity: Discipleship
Is the Bible Reliable? I'm Glad You Asked!
How Did We Get The 66 Books Of The Bible?
How was the Bible translated? I'm Glad You Asked!

These excellent video's above should make you well informed regarding Bible varieties and their history. However, I disagree with Steve Ellis that one should have a Bible from all three spectrums of translations. The paraphrases invariably are used to hack the original text, deliberately alter meanings, and to remove the indications of divinity of Jesus Christ. Plus, the Word of God should always be free to transmit, but dozens of "new" Bible's are produced so that they can be copyrighted, making them the textual equivalent of the money's overturned by Jesus in the Temple Court, i.e. filth rather than the true Word of God. Stick to the Authorized King James Version for accuracy, and use an English dictionary along with a Strong's Greek & Hebrew Concordance, and some good Bible Commentary's. When the best is freely available, there is no sense in using something inferior.

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... Bible Study Makes One Wise ...

A Good Study Bible Resource

Bible Study Methods & Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Mother's Bible -- Paul Williams & The Victory Trio
Church Bible Publishers: Website & Video's

The Church Bible Publishers produce excellent Bibles that are available at a reasonable price. Classic Study Bibles, Thompson Chain Reference Bibles and Scofield Bibles are available. Bibles with large margins for taking notes are available, as are large print Bibles for those with eyesight issues. If you need a good Bible, I recommend this resource. These are all the Authorized King James Version which I recommend and endorse. Other versions sold at other places are all very inferior to the Authorized King James Version.

My main personal Bible Study materials include a Giant Print KJV Sword Study Bible that has the words of God in red letters in both the Old and New Testament [ISBN 978-1-62911-531-3 Whitaker House]. I also have The Classic (Scofield) King James Study Bible [ISBN 978-1-63058-684-3; 978-1-63058-685-0 Barbour Bibles]. I also have a very much used 1934 Edition of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible that was possibly once owned by a minister judging from the well worn and well marked up condition. Somebody that loved the Word was its past owner! Sometimes when a question comes up, I check that for possible insights. A genuine 2nd hand store bargain!

My go-to Bible Study setup now is the Wordsearch 12 KJV Bible with the Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible Jumbo Bundle. This electronic combination works for in-depth study using the computer with a large television screen or extra wide monitor. I also have the free e-Sword Bible program that has many additional free commentary's and resources. Also, the Bible Study 5 program, which is also quite a good resource. All are good for the sight impaired with adjustable computer fonts, and for everyone else, and enable detailed in-depth study.

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... The Good Bible vs. The Bad Bibles ...

... Autographs, Translations & Paraphrases ...

As already mentioned above, the King James Version of the Bible is the most accurate English version, the most faithful to the autographs. It is impossible to always exactly convey original meanings from ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into English because of figures of speech varying in different cultures, and for several other reasons. And that is why Bible Study is so important.

Different cultures have different customs, speech mannerisms, and writing conventions that must be taken into account. For example, when I say "That stinks!" I might be talking about something I dislike, not about something that actually smells bad. But another culture might use a different expression to express what I am implying with that phrase, and misunderstand my actual meaning. Thus, a most accurate translation of the Bible is basic to successful Bible Study, and that remains the Authorized King James Version. Building up our understanding from an accurate translation leads to much more accurate understandings of the original inspired texts, the autographs, which are the inspired Words of God. I believe in "autograph inerrancy," not "translation inerrancy." So, use a Bible Dictionary and Bible Commentaries to have questionable things further illuminated to you. That said, let me again state that the best English translation of the Holy Bible still remains the Authorized King James Version.

Please understand that there are translations, and their are paraphrases. Good translations try to follow the original wordings and meanings, and none do so any better than does the King James Authorized version. Paraphrases reword the language of the autograph, and invariably show the biases and agenda's of whoever produces them. In many of them whole verses are deleted, completely butchered, or changed in meaning. Modern language may be easier to read, but at great loss to understanding accurately the Word of God and the path leading to eternal security. Infamously, many modern paraphrases, many dumbed down English translations, make it a point to remove indications of divinity attributed to Jesus Christ. Many people will suffer for the crime of corrupting, and adding to or deleting from, the complete revealed Word of God. Accurate preservation of God's Revealed Word is preserved only through the Antioch line of manuscripts, not through the Alexandria line of corrupted manuscripts.

Bible Version Corruption Explained
NIV & Modern Bible Versions Exposed

Click The Pic To Enlarge Or Reduce Your View

Bible Versions Chart

Dr. David Sorenson:
The Critical Text vs The Traditional Text
Dr. Gary Mann:
The Reasons Translations Are Not Inspired

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... Sola Scriptura & Dispensations ...

There Is No New Scripture After The Apostles

The Five Sola's are five Protestant doctrinal distinctives the Reformers elucidated to demonstrate accurate Biblical theology as opposed to inaccurate Roman Catholic theology. Sola Biblica is the one that says only the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. Divine Revelation ceased when Paul the Apostle passed away. Since then there are no new revelations from God to the Church. Spurious new books purporting to be from God are actually fraudulent, or demonically produced. Joseph Smith, for example, used a "seer stone" placed into his hat, where he could supposedly see one letter at a time, which he read to another person to record. If that actually happened it would have been a demon, what we today call a "spirit guide" in common parlance. Hillary Clinton talks with a demonic spirit pretending to be Eleanor Roosevelt, for example. Today there are no Apostles, just Disciples. Today there is no further revelation to the Church. Today we have God's Word, and the best English translation of that is the Authorized King James Version. No other spurious production claiming to be additional scripture is from God.

Bible ONLY --- Sola Scriptura
"Sundry Times and Divers Manners" = Dispensations

Shedding Light on the Dispensations

Many Dispensational Studies at Middletown Bible Church

Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin

Protestantism was birthed as a reaction against Roman Catholicism. It was a return to accurate Biblical understanding as the Bible became available to the masses with the investion of the printing press. Now we don't have to take anyone's word for what the Bible says, and we can directly check things out ourselves. No Pope, Priest or Minister can say the Bible says what it doesn't if we learn what is in the Bible.

Rightly dividing the Word must take into account the Dispensations. There is a time and a season for all things. Just as there are seasons throughout life, there are seasons throughout history. They are termed as Dispensations. The standard description of Dispensations involves seven or eight specific time periods, wherein God deals with mankind in differing ways. What concerns us is the differences between the Old and New Covenant periods, and the transitioning from the Dispensation of Law into the Dispensation of Grace, and the phrophetic future Dispensations to come.

In that light, we must study the differences between what is addressed to the Jews, to the Church, and to the Gentiles. Some things apply to two and three of these groups, but we must beware of applying things to groups that they don't apply to. Some things in the Bible are addressed to only one of these three groups. That is "rightly dividing the Word." Robert Breaker explains this concept in the video above right.

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... Do You Honestly Believe The Bible? ...

Accepting Jesus Is A Life vs. Death Decision

Christian Home Bible Course
Pay Special Attention to Chapter Six

The video below left presents the "You can lose your salvation!" view regarding Salvation. We are born with an unsaved sin nature, already appointed to die a physical and spiritial death. Salvation is one's spiritual birth to eternal life, overcoming the second death, that of one's spirit. The Bible has the information within its pages to inform and convict a sinner of one's sins, to bring about repentance, and to lead one to Jesus Christ for one's eternal Salvation. Your accurate knowledge from the Holy Bible of the straight and narrow path, the very Word of God, leading to your cherished eternal salvation that comes with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is of paramount importance. Without that you will suffer! Salvation may be more than you think. Are you sure you are saved? With either view, that you can lose your salvation or "once saved always saved," the result is the same: A changed life wherein one shuns evil and acts out, truly living, a genuine Disciple's life style. Blessed is the Disciple whose sin the Lord will not credit – will not reckon, will not lay to his account, will not impute to him. I actually believe that once saved is always saved, because many people who think they are saved are not really saved. The one's that aren't will be very surprised when the Lord says He never knew them. Scripture warns that the path to salvation in Christ is through a narrow gate, not down the broad path that most of the world follows. These things, this information, needs to be studied out by each individual, by getting thoroughly into the Word of God, the Holy Bible. YOU are responsible for your own salvation!

Once Saved, Always Saved? Or Not?
The Bible Is A "Flat Earth" Book

Bible Study should also challenge the modern perceptions of the secular sciences. What does the Bible really say about them? What must we really believe, God's accurate Word, or Man's false sciences? Picture in your mind the earth spinning. Picture that spinning earth circling the sun. Picture the sun flying through space as the earth follows along, cork-screwing along its path as the suns satellite. Then explain to yourself why times-lapse photo's of star trails above us always circle along in regular paths. The star trails show that the stars are circling above us, not that the earth is flying through space, revolving, and always producing a never repeating view of the stars. Propaganda, brainwashing, and the lies of modern science (i.e. Scientism based on the Theory of Uniformitarianism) are not a pretty thing. And, those lies are not intended to support the truths revealed in the Holy Bible! Ancient Cosmologies were "flat earth" in nature. The Bible testimony is also "flat earth" in nature.

Do you believe the Bible, or don't you? If you change the witness of the Bible in one way, you can change other things, too, and then you can believe anything you want to. But that won't get you eternal life. Be very careful how you handle the precious Word of God! Your actions do have very serious, and very personal, consequences. Listen to the video! Consider its implications. How great are the deceptions of Satan? I will tell you, they are very, very great. Beware.

Preoccupation with sexual matters is possibly the number one way that evil enters into one's life. A little temptation seems to go a very long way! A cutie of the opposite sex in a commercial, a little too much skin showing on someone walking by, out-and-out prurient sexual filth on television or even in a Romance movie... It all tends to draw one deeper and deeper into sexual sin, and then deeper and deeper into sexual perversion, of which their are many, many kinds, loosening one's morality. If anything along this line is a problem in your life, check out David Servant's The Great Gospel Deception.

Examine Your Heart: The Great Gospel Deception by David Servant

Examine Your Heart: The Christian Life

And then there is the money thing. The love of money is the root of all evil, says the Bible. Government was established by God, but mankind invariably uses it to get filthy rich. Secret societies and demonic fraternities are organized for people to network in, to leverage money and power into their direction. A popular saying used to be "Satan is alive and well on the planet earth." Well, he's still around, but I don't think he is too "well" in the spiritual sense. He's the jerk at the head of all the secret societies and evil fraternities! Beware an inordinate preoccupation with the pursuit of money and power, and if you get some, beware of using your money and power unwisely. We all will stand before God to give an account of our lives! If you haven't yet, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior!

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... Worship With Music & Song ...

The Music of Charlotte Ritchie

Revelation Song by Charlotte Ritchie (Website)

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